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*****Please be advised that due to the current social distancing mandates, our April event has been postponed until the weekend of June 20-21.  All ticketholders will be transferred to the new date, in the current Heats.  If anyone can't make the new date, we are offering a full refund until April 15th.  After that, our usual refund policy will be in effect.*****

WTF is the WTF, you ask?  We have often asked ourselves that very same question.  While the true philosophical and existential answers continue to elude us, we offer this: 


Waco Tactical Fitness is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting and hosting youth marksmanship activities.  The property that we use is a 300 acre private ranch which offers a variety of terrain including hills, trails, woods and a river walk. It has several berms and shooting lanes, with distances out to 1000 yards.  The Central Texas location and excellent facilities make this an ideal venue for standard rifle matches as well as biathlon competitions.  


We have hosted WTF Biathlon events since 2016 (including one unforgettable mud-filled extravaganza) and the course gets more challenging every time.  The shooting stages are dynamic and difficult and many require some serious problem-solving skills to complete. Regular Earth People, as well as some exceptionally good shooters, will have a DNF or two along the way.  As a result, generally only about 10-12% of competitors run the course Clean (completing all stages and obstacles successfully).  We intend to inspire conversations afterward about gear, strengths/weaknesses and how to improve for next time.  

Our events are intended to be a true test of fitness, marksmanship and gear.  This stuff is not for everyone.  If any of the characteristics below apply to you, WTF may not be your cup of tea:

       - You self-identify as a snowflake.
       - Your spirit animal is the Unicorn.
       - Your most cherished possession is your collection of participation trophies.
       - You think that constructive criticism is mean. 
       - You tend to spend more money on guns than you do on ammo and training. 
       - Your boots are pretty clean.
       - You don't like finding cuts and bruises all over your body. 

       - When little things don't go your way, it tends to ruin your whole day.

For more info, click the BIATHLON button on the menu bar above.  Also, check out this interview we did on the In The Rabbit Hole podcast and this review of our first event, which includes some video.  For suggestions on where to stay and eat, click on the WTF section of this Venue Guide.

Donations are very much appreciated and go toward supporting youth marksmanship activities. Anybody interested in buying WTF patches or T-shirts can also make payment via the Donations option on Eventbrite HERE

We are planning on hosting the Spring 2020 event on the weekend of April 25th.  The Fall event will be sometime in October.  Please subscribe to our email update feed and follow us on FB for ticket sale notifications and other announcements.

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