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Kevin has been in the shooting world for decades and is currently employed by a sales and marketing firm for hunting, shooting and LEO gear.  He was instrumental in building and running the youth/junior High Power program in his home state of Arkansas before moving to Texas several years ago.  While in Texas, he was involved with the Central Texas Junior High Power team. (They practice at the ranch where we hold our Run 'n Gun events.)  He has instructed and helped hundreds of young shooters through a variety of programs.  Kevin and Dan met through Project Appleseed, where they are both Instructors and Kevin was the main Shoot Boss for events at the Central Texas Rifle and Pistol Club near Waco.  Thanks to Kevin's efforts (and a big group of excellent instructors), Waco sees more Appleseed participants than any other location in Texas.  Now that he has moved back home to Arkansas, Kevin is scouting locations for potential Appleseed and Run 'n Gun events there.

Dan is a native New Yorker whose only exposure to guns as a kid was watching Clint Eastwood movies.  He moved to Texas and, on a whim, bought a .22 rifle and went out to a Project Appleseed event.  He shot a Rifleman score at that event and eventually rose through the ranks to become an Instructor and Shoot Boss.  Along the way, he heard about the Battle Road Zombie Biathlon and signed up about 6 weeks before the October 2014 event.  After putting himself on the roster, he thought it wise to buy an AR and put a few rounds through it (really, just enough to zero the sights), thinking he was good to go.  In addition to his complete lack of training, he walked into rainy weather and poor visibility, and realized that running flip-up iron sights was not the best decision he'd ever made.  However, he came away inspired to address his (numerous) deficiencies -- physical, mental and equipment-related.  A bit of training, a ton of practice and some gear adjustments paid off at Pawnee about a year later, where he placed third in the 5k event.  From there, he began competing in other events, volunteering as an RO, and gaining even more experience.  


When Kevin floated the idea of hosting a Biathlon race in the Waco area, Dan agreed to partner up.  Both Dan and Kevin were moved by the loss of Michael Adam and wanted to try to do what they could to carry on his vision.  Kevin had access to the land and is a wealth of firearms information and experience.  Dan's background as a spreadsheet jockey helped on the organizational and operational side of things.  As Kevin and Dan began work on WTF, they relied a lot on input and advice from Daniel Hensch from Pawnee and Bill Cronk from Battle Road USA, two tremendous individuals who were extremely generous with their time and knowledge, and who helped fill WTF's RO roster with experienced people.  The quality of the volunteers and RO staff can make or break an event, and WTF is blessed to have an outstanding group.  We hope to see you at one of our Biathlons soon!         

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