In order to allow participants to choose the part of the day in which they will begin the Biathlon or Sprint, we have instituted a system of four Heats, where each runner will begin the race at a random time within his Heat.  The 4 Heats are: 8am-10:15am, 10:15am-12:30pm, 12:30pm-2:45pm and 2:45pm-5pm. (This varies slightly based on time of year.) When registering, participants can purchase tickets for the Heat of their choice, with the following restrictions:

All groups of three or more people who plan to start at the same time and wait for all members of the group to complete each stage before moving on to the next stage must be in Heats 1 or 2.  Individual runners will go to the front of the line if a group is waiting to shoot at a stage, and group members will shoot in the gaps between individual runners.

Individuals or pairs who plan to walk the course must register for Heats 1, 2, or 3. Heat 4 is for runners and joggers only.  This will help us finish the day on time.

There is also a Standby Heat. Registrants in the Standby heat will need to be on site and ready to run the entire day, so that they can take any vacant or no-show slots on the roster during the day.  Any remaining Standby participants will run at the end of Heat 4 if necessary.  Standby participants must be runners/joggers only, in order to finish before dark.  Participants in the Standby Heat will definitely get out on the course at some point during the day, and need to remain near the start/end booth throughout the day so they can jump in if an opportunity presents itself.  However, we ask that Standby runners refrain from repeatedly asking the start/end volunteers when they will run.  The goal is to get Standby people on the course at the earliest possible time.  All Standby runners typically start running well before 4pm.  Please be patient as you wait to run.

Check-in time is 7:15am, 9:15am, 11:15am and 1:15pm for heats 1-4, respectively.  Standby check-in is 7:15am.  Each heat will receive a safety briefing and course/stage overview immediately following check-in.  Please be sure to arrive before your check-in time, or your spot will be given to someone in the Standby Heat.  DO NOT SHOW UP LATE AND EXPECT TO RUN.  

We very strongly encourage everybody to be present at the end of the day for results, trophies and prizes.  We expect this to take place as soon as the last participant finishes the course, roughly at 6:30pm on Saturday and 4pm Sunday.  Our sponsors are very generous and you want to make sure to get some great gear!

As one recent competitor stated, "It can't be stressed enough that the WTF will expose your weaknesses, so be honest about your ability and gear going into it."  We highly recommend that those with limited competition experience sign up for the Sunday Sprint.  The reduced round count is a big help for those who might struggle to complete the stages in under 3 minutes on Saturday.  The Saturday Biathlon is explicitly and intentionally designed to be very hard for experienced shooters in good physical shape.  Nearly 90% of Saturday competitors fail at least one shooting stage or obstacle.  Enjoy!

Tickets for April and October typically go on sale around the middle of January and June, respectively.  We will make an announcement about a week or two before sales open.  Please subscribe to our email update feed and follow us on FB for ticket sale notifications and other announcements.

To register, please click on one of the RSVP buttons on the events below.

* A half refund, minus fees, will be given through the first day of the month of the race.  No refund will be given after that.  To cancel, contact us by e-mail at

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