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The Sunday Sprint is a 3.5 mile version of the WTF Biathlon, where the course is shorter and the round count is lower.  Due to the reduced round count and distance, participants won't require as much ammo and water, which should help lighten the load that runners might carry. This will give competitors an opportunity to push themselves to run at a faster pace than they would on a longer course.  


For the Sprint, we will use the same trails and shooting stages as the Biathlon, with the exception of Stage 1.  Participants will go from Start directly to Stage 2 in order to shorten the overall distance.  The round count will be reduced by requiring fewer hits on some of the targets and by removing other targets.  Marksmanship skills will still be put to the test; the distance and round count will just be a little more manageable.


As the name suggests, this event will take place on the Sunday following the WTF Biathlon. The fee is $110 for participants who are not running in the WTF Biathlon on Saturday.  For WTF Biathlon runners who want to run on both days and have already registered and paid for Saturday, the Sunday fee is $60.  Camping will continue to be available on Saturday night.

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