Arkansas: uphill both ways Mountain BIATHLON

UPDATE:  Our December event has been rescheduled.  The new date is March 6, 2021.  

Our first Mountain Biathlon was a ton of fun.  The next one will be December 12, 2020.  We should have been able to remove all the ticks by then...  Be sure to read all the rules and procedures in the BIATHLON section of this website, as all that stuff will remain in effect and rules will be strictly enforced.

Date: December 12, 2020. 

Location: Humphrey's Farm, 2928 Shaver Rd, Paris, Arkansas.  Camping is permitted nearby.

Tickets:  Tickets will go on sale around October.  Price is $110.  Hit this button to Register.

Basic Stats:  The course will be approximately 6 to 7 miles long, and there will be 7 to 8 shooting stages.  Many of the physical aspects of WTF that everyone has come to know and love will be included, so there's a high likelihood of a Wall, some tubes to crawl through, and other physically demanding elements.  


Round Count and COF:  We are really far from a COF at this point.  General goal is to have a minimum of 75 Rifle and 40 Pistol rounds.