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Scores are posted below. These shooting stages were intended to be unusual, challenging and realistic.  The goal of the WTF Biathlon and Sunday Sprint is to expose weaknesses and put equipment through some serious abuse.  We think we achieved that.  We generally expect a 20-40% DNF rate on each stage, with one or two pushing 50% or so. 

Some notes about scoring:

The organizers and staff of WTF respect the various other shooting sports and disciplines out there. Many of us compete in those as well. However, we strive to make the WTF Biathlon more of a test than a game. Our goal is to give competitors an opportunity to really put themselves and their gear through the wringer in order to to expose weaknesses and deficiencies. Competitors should come here seeking to discover what they need to work on in order to become better, not looking for ways to shave a few tenths of a second off their shooting times.  

That being said, we do everything in our power to make sure that the scores and rankings are as fair as possible.  Competitors can rest assured that nobody has an unfair advantage.  If judgement calls need to be made due to targets going down or in order to solve some kind of administrative issue, we do so in the spirit of honesty and fairness.

Also, our policy has always been that the organizers and RO staff are prohibited from practicing on the course.  This is pretty easy to enforce, since the property is an active cattle ranch and there are always cows all over the place and most of the volunteers live at least several hours away.  All stages are put up on the Wednesday and Thursday prior to the event, after the cows are penned up (or they'll just knock everything back down), and are taken down following the Sunday Sprint.  This requires the staff to work from dawn to dusk for several days cutting trails, hauling steel and building obstacles, often on limited sleep in places other than their beds at home.  Nobody shoots any of the stages during set-up.

By the time that volunteers even start running the course, they are pretty beat and any information advantage they could possibly have is more than offset by fatigue. Also, run times determine half of the overall score and there is no way that we've found to "game" running fast for 5 miles that doesn't look a lot like the disciplined application of rigorous training over long periods of time.  We are always looking for volunteers to help set up prior to the events so please contact us if you'd like to get involved.

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