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The WTF Biathlon is a race in the tradition of the Pecos Run 'n Gun and Zombie Destruction Biathlon, where body, mind, marksmanship and gear are tested in field conditions. Participants must navigate the 5 mile course while carrying rifle, pistol and ammo, overcome various obstacles and complete 7 shooting stages. The terrain is challenging and includes hills, trails, woods and a river canyon. The obstacles are physically demanding. Shooting distances vary from up close and personal out to about 500 yards. Much of the shooting will be in unusual positions and at unknown distances. Range estimation and other problem-solving skills will definitely come into play. This event is a great way to test your preparedness and uncover areas for improvement.

Test your Body, Mind and Marksmanship...Vigorously!

WTF Biathlon

April 25, 2020  Crawford, Texas

Cost: $110 (includes lunch)



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