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Below is the COF from our first event.  There will be some changes for the next race, so please check back in the Spring for updates.

Please be advised that participants may not beg, borrow, steal or buy ammo once they start the race.  Several people underestimated their ammo needs and were forced to DNF some stages, so be sure to bring enough.  Participants who run out of ammo will receive DNFs on the rest of the course.  Skilled shooters should double the round count and then carry a little extra, at a minimum.  

Stage 1: Ladies First - pistol


On the "fire" command, draw your pistol and make one head-shot on the bad guy holding the female hostage (steel target with headshot flapper).  Hitting the hostage will result in a time penalty as well as a lot of paperwork when you get back to the office. Next, move to the first barricade and engage the 6 targets through the hole in the screen (kneeling height); 2 hits on each target is required.  Then move to the second barricade and score 2 hits each on the remaining 3 targets from under the barricade. 19 Pistol. Sunday Sprint will skip this stage.

Stage 2: The Woods – pistol

This is a headshot-only pistol stage. On the fire command, draw your pistol and hit each of the visible targets twice in the head. Move to the next shooting box and repeat on the next set of targets.  Move to the third box and repeat.  There will be 8 targets total; 16 Pistol.  Sunday Sprint: Same.

Stage 3: Rescue – rifle and pistol

Your buddy is wounded and the enemy forces are closing in on him.  On the "fire" command, load your rifle and make 2 hits on each of the close-range targets in front of you. Move to the barricade with the drag dummy and make 2 hits on each of the medium-range targets through the hole in the barricade. TURN YOUR SAFETY ON and carry/drag your wounded man to the middle barricade. At the middle barricade, shoot the original 2 targets twice each with your pistol, one target from each side of the barricade. Then put two rounds on the long-range target directly in front of your position with your rifle. TURN YOUR SAFETY ON and carry/drag your wounded man to the last barricade, where you will make 2 hits on each of the medium-range targets through the hole in the barricade. 14 Rifle, 4 Pistol.  Sunday Sprint: 1 rifle hit per target, for 7 Rifle, 4 Pistol.

Stage 4:  Tower – rifle

Competitors will make their way up and into the tower.  When they reach the top, they will be given the "fire" command, at which time the clock starts.  Load your rifle and engage the targets, which will be at medium to long range. The distance to each target will vary (time to find out if you know how to use your ranging reticle) and some of the targets are smart enough to have taken positions behind cover, allowing only a small part to be visible.  Use the high ground to your advantage to pick these guys off. There will be 5 targets, with 2 hits per target required.  10 Rifle.  Sunday Sprint: One hit per target, and we may go to 4 targets.  4-5 Rifle.

Stage 5: Timothy Murphy – rifle

On the "fire" command, climb the tree and get into a comfortable position. Then, load your rifle and make 3 hits on each of the 2 medium to long-range targets. This will lead to victory in the Battle of Saratoga and secure French support for the Revolution! An RO will be on a ladder beside the tree and will observe as you unload and clear your rifle before climbing down.  6 Rifle.  Sunday Sprint: Same.

Stage 6: Dude, Where's My Car?

The apocalypse is a bad time to forget where you parked...  On the "fire" command, load your rifle and engage each of the targets from each of the marked shooting positions in and around what's left of your car.  There are 3 targets and 5 positions.  15 Rifle.  Sunday Sprint: Same.

Stage 7: A Bump in the Night

You hear a noise in the night and discover that you are under attack. Fortunately for the ROs, you had time to get into some appropriate clothing before engaging your enemies.  You will begin the stage standing on your bed.  On the "fire" command, load your rifle and eliminate the close-range target through the window.  Move to the door and open it to reveal another invader.  Dispatch him from the doorway and move to the roof. From there, take out the last (farthest) target.  5 hits are required per target. 15 Rifle.  Sunday Sprint: 2 hits per target. 6 Rifle.

* Note on Ranging Targets: On stages with longer shots, the target stands will be set up with the cross-bars approximately 5'8" to 6' off the ground.  Yellow caution tape will be hung from the cross-bars and anchored to the ground.  This will provide a highly visible reference of known height for ranging the target hanging from that stand. These targets are approximately 26" wide.

WTF Biathlon Map

Sunday Sprint Map

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