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Please be advised that participants may not beg, borrow, steal or buy ammo once they start the race.  Several people have underestimated their ammo needs in previous races and were forced to DNF some stages, so be sure to bring enough.  Participants who run out of ammo will receive DNFs on the rest of the course.  Skilled shooters should double the round count and then carry a little extra, at a minimum. 



The COF below is preliminary and subject to change.  Please check back a few days before the race for updates.  


Saturday runners will start from the Community Center and head West on 4th Street, then make a Right on Chisholm Trail to head North.  (If you reach the railroad tracks, you just missed the turn.)  Stay on Chisholm for about a mile or so, until you reach Stage 1.  There are no turns or driveways -- just stay on Chisholm and you will see a ladder right at the side of the road, over the fence to Stage 1. 


Sunday runners runners will start from the Community Center and head East on 4th Street, across the bridge over the Falls, then make a left on Jewell Patton Drive to head toward the cemetery.  At the cemetery, make a right through the gate to the right of the cemetery entrance (same gate as last time), then proceed to Stage 2.

For both Saturday and Sunday, in the creek between Stages 2 and 3, we will stick with the path under the rock formations on the near side of the creek bank (same as last few races), and NOT go up to the property on the far side of the creek.  After the final shooting stage, all runners will take that concrete trail through the woods to return to the Finish Line (just like in past events).  This trail begins just before and to the left of the cemetery gate, so take a Right turn when you get to the road after the ladder over the barbed-wire fence, then a quick left to the trail.   

Stage 1: Mozambique Mania - pistol  

On the "fire" command, climb the tire wall and drop down to the other side.  Once there, draw your pistol and hit each target twice in the body and once in the head, through the hole in the nearest barricade.  Move to the next barricade and repeat the process on the same targets.  Then move to forward to the third shooting position and repeat the targets again, from a standing position.  From your standing position, make one hit on the long-range target to end the stage.  Many competitors have burned a lot of pistol ammo on this one, so be sure to bring plenty. 

19 Pistol.  Sunday Sprint will skip this stage.  

Stage 2: Flip it good! – pistol  *Sponsored by Bravo Concealment

When a tire comes along, you must flip it...  On the fire command, shooters must flip the tire over one time, then advance to the first firing position.  Draw your pistol and hit each of the visible single targets twice, and hit two to the body and one to the head on any Mozambique-style targets.  On any targets with hostage-style reactive paddles, shooters must move the paddles in both directions, hitting each one twice (thus returning it to its original position). Move to the next shooting box and repeat on the next set of targets, only this time the shooter must hold a weight in the left hand. Drop the weight, move to the third box and repeat, holding the next weight in the right hand. 

19 Pistol. Sunday Sprint: Same.

Stage 3: Carmageddon 3.0: Grab Your Sack and Get to Work! – rifle/pistol *Sponsored by B.Y.O.T Auto Parts

On the Fire command, draw your pistol and engage the two pistol targets in/around the nearest vehicle with 2 hits each.  Holster your pistol and advance to the vehicle.  Once there, load your rifle and engage the first group of rifle targets.  After that, retrieve the duffel bag and move on to the next position (blue car), engage targets, then move to the van.  Shooting positions will be in, on, around and through the cars.  Some targets will be inside a vehicle, and others will be behind vehicles.  There are 3 to 5 targets per shooting position.  Each target requires 2 hits.  This stage will require some movement to see all targets from a given shooting position. Please put your rifle on Safe and keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction when moving. 

24 Rifle, 4 Pistol. Sunday Sprint: 1 rifle hit per target. 12 Rifle, 4 Pistol.

Stage 4:  Tower – rifle  *Sponsored by Thunder Beast Arms

Competitors will make their way up and into the tower.  At the top, they will be given the "fire" command, at which time the clock starts.  Load your rifle and engage the targets, which will be at medium to long range. The distance to each target will vary (time to find out if you know how to use your ranging reticle).  There will be 5 targets, with 2 hits per target required.  On Saturday, the sequence will be near to far, one hit per target, then switch shoulders and go near to far again. 

10 Rifle.  Sunday Sprint: One hit per target.  5 Rifle. 

Major Obstacle:  THE WALL  

THE WALL is a non-shooting obstacle located between Stages 4 and 5.  Participants may choose whether to climb over or take the time penalty.  We encourage everybody to at least give it a try, as it is a serious gut-check and an opportunity to find out whether it would be possible to scale an 8' obstacle in a situation in which that is the only way to evade hostile forces.  This is a test of physical strength and is designed to allow participants to prove whether they can drag themselves and their equipment over the top without any ladders, tools or assistance. The rules are simple: Runners must have all of their equipment on.  (Anything thrown over the wall is considered a donation to ISIS.)  The 2x4 supports on either side of THE WALL may not be touched or used in any way.  Participants must start from the ground (no bringing anything to stand on) and use only their bodies to get over.  Just jump up, grab the top, do a pull-up and swing a leg over.  Time penalty for non-completion is 15 minutes.  Sunday Sprint: 7 minutes.

Stage 5: Timothy Murphy – rifle  *Sponsored by Project Appleseed

On the "fire" command, climb the tree and get into a comfortable position. Then, load your rifle and make 2 hits on each of the 2 medium to long-range targets. This will lead to victory in the Battle of Saratoga and secure French support for the Revolution! An RO will be on a ladder beside the tree and will observe as you unload and clear your rifle.  Hand your rifle to the RO before climbing down the ladder.  Note: Thanks to Mr. Target, we now have some beautiful Appleseed "dog" targets for this stage.  We hope people haven't been spoiled by the big targets we used in the past...

4 Rifle.  Sunday Sprint: Same.

**Note: Depending on the condition of the tree, we may have to improvise an alternate shooting position.  This will be determined a day or so before the event.

Major Obstacle:  Monkey Bars

This is a non-shooting obstacle located between Stages 5 and 6.  Participants may choose whether to complete the obstacle or take the time penalty.  The object is to walk up the balance beam, then start on the low end of the bars and climb to the higher end.  Once there, ring the cow bell to signal victory.  All equipment must stay on.  Participants MAY NOT walk or crawl on top of the monkey bars.  Due to a number of injuries and close-calls, participants may only use their hands to move across the monkey bars.  You must go hand over hand with your feet swinging free underneath you, so that if you fall you will land on your feet.  We can't have people taking the Nestea Plunge from 11' off the ground!  Time penalty for non-completion is 15 minutes.  Sunday Sprint: 7 minutes.

Stage 6: Crawl, Baby, Crawl! – pistol/rifle *Sponsored by Absolute Zero Ordnance 

Participants will start the stage seated in the driver's seat with hands on the wheel at 10 and 2, just like they taught us in Driver's Ed.  On the "fire" command, draw your pistol and neutralize all pistol targets, with one hit each.  Exit the vehicle and retrieve your "baby" from the back seat.  BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR MUZZLE POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION DURING THIS PART!!!  Move to the marked shooting position and re-engage the pistol targets, cradling your baby in one hand and shooting with the other, one hit per target.  Holster your pistol and retrieve your rifle, then crawl with your baby to the designated rifle positions, engaging each rifle target with one hit each from each position. (Do not load your rifle until you arrive at the first rifle shooting position.) 

8 Pistol, 6 Rifle. Sunday Sprint may have fewer targets.

Stage 7: Re-Trenched

On the "fire" command, scramble up the cargo net ramp.  Once inside the trench, load your rifle and engage the targets through the first hole in the wall to the shooter's right, making one hit on each of three targets before putting the rifle on Safe and moving forward to the next hole.  Make one hit each on the same three targets from each of the remaining holes.  Be careful to stay below the wire overhead and keep the muzzle oriented straight ahead or to the right (down-range) when moving.  Mobility may be somewhat compromised inside the passageway.  The shooter will unload and clear before climbing out the other side. 

12 Rifle. Sunday Sprint: 2 targets, 8 Rifle. 

Obstacle: The Walk of Shame

Remember staggering across a college campus early in the morning, trying desperately to forget a big mistake you just made?  Well, for those who don't trust their pistol skills or are out of ammo, this will be even more painful and humiliating.  Immediately following Stage 7, participants will be put back on the run clock.  Though there is shooting on this stage, it will be treated as a mandatory running obstacle and everything will count on the run clock only.  There will be some heavy items that must be carried to one of two shooting positions - or a third position if you are out of ammo.  From either shooting position the shooter must make 1 hit with pistol on a target that's pretty far away.  The first firing position is close to the start line, but will require a longer shot.  The second position is farther away from the start but the target will be closer to you for easier shots.  The third position is even farther and does not require any shooting, but participants may be heckled along the way... The heavy objects must then be returned to Stage 7, at which point the shooter may head down the trail to the finish line.    

Obstacle:  Climb or Crawl

There is a shipping container located a short distance past Stage 7 and the Walk of Shame, along the trail back to the Start/End line.  We will have a rope climb to the top of the container.  Anyone who makes the climb will ride the zip line past the low-crawl obstacle that will be nearby.  Anyone who doesn't climb the rope must crawl through the low-crawl. 

Bonus Stage: Plink-tastic!  *Sponsored by Accufire (Saturday) and Vortex Optics (Sunday)

The Bonus Stage is between Stages 4 and 5.  It will involve sending some projectiles in the direction of some targets.  Projectiles and launching device will be provided.  Hits will count toward entries for the Bonus Stage Prize.  All shooters must attempt the Bonus Stage.  

* Note on Ranging Targets: Target stands will be set up with the cross-bars approximately 5'8" to 6' off the ground.  The far target on Stage 4 is approximately 28" wide and 38" tall.

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